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Whole Foods


We all know that whole food nutrition is what our body craves to build a strong immune system. But finding, cooking and consuming nutrient dense whole foods in large quantities simply isn't easy. Period.

Juice Plus is my go-to for flooding my body with a ton of nutritious goodness. Its just straight vegetables, fruits and berries, vine-ripened, juiced, dried and put into a capsule, gummy or shake. That's it. Nothing else. It's certified as a NSF food product.

As a wellness advocate for this product, and a daily user for the past 3 years, I can answer any and all questions about Juice Plus. Here's a link to my site's clinical research section to get you started! Click Here

Medicinal Plants

Herbs, CBD+Cannabis and mushrooms are my tools of rebellion in a modern world. Taking control of our health, one herb and mushroom at a time, is a true act of rebellion in a world teaming with toxicity and BigPharma.

I share my knowledge freely with my readers as I explore the various aspects of these ancient healing tools. Please subscribe below to my newsletter so you can share the journey with me!


Tiny farming

Living off the grid and growing my own food has always had a romantic allure. I see a garden as an act of resistance. A way to step out of the industrialized BigAg food system that is killing us all slowly.

But, sadly, I can't grow shit. Basil and mint is the extent of my farming abilities. And in an age of unreliable food supply chains and toxic food production, becoming the grower of my own food is no longer optional. Enter the Tower Garden.

An easy to use aeroponic gardening system that turns produce 30% faster than traditional growing practices and requires minimal effort. Hacking the garden for a food rebellion- YES PLEASE!

Wanna join my micro farming adventure? Scroll down and choose your adventure! If I can grow shit, so can you!

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